Multi-Functional Treadmill Manual CTM 510

Multi-Functional Treadmill Manual CTM 510

Price:- Rs 16000 /-
Offer Price:- Rs 12500 /- (22% Off)


Muilti Function Manual Treadmill 4 in 1
Cosco is one of the most renowned sport gear firm worldwide.
Please Note: We do not offer installation services on any fitness equipment.
Guidelines for buying a Treadmill:
1.       Manual or Motorized:
-          Manual Treadmills are lighter & smaller to store and cheaper in cost
-          A manual treadmill needs more effort which means more pressure on users joints initially whereas a motorized treadmill operates automatically making it easy to start with.
-          Motorized treadmill sets the speed for the user which enables to burn more calories faster whereas a manual treadmill picks up pace according to users efforts.
-          A stabilizer is necessary to use a Motorized Treadmill whereas it is not necessary in case of a Manual Treadmill.
2.       H.P. and RPM for motorized Treadmills:
-          Walking: 1.5 CHP(Continuous Horse Power) at less than 5000RPM
-          Running: 2.5 CHP at less than 4000RPM
3.       Running belt area:
-          Height less than 6 feets,4 inches: 16-20 inches wide,48-54 inches long
-          Height more than 6 feets, 4 inches: 16-20 inches wide,56-60 inches long
4.       Speed:
-          School kids & Teenagers: 4.8-6.4 kms per hour
-          Adults: 4.8-6.4 kms per hour(Beginners), 6.4-8 kms per hour(Regular user)
-          Seniors: Slow speed is advisable/Depends upon strength & age of the user
5.       Incline: The choice of levels of incline depends upon the requirements of the user. Some machines come with up to 15 levels. It is advisable to not go more than 7th level.
6.       Customizing your workout: Some machines allow you to customize almost all important factors in your workout: Speed, Incline, Warm up period, energy spend & cool down period.
7.       Treadmill walking can improve your cardiovascular fitness, strengthening your heart and potentially reducing blood pressure.
General Workout Tips:
1.       Vary your workout routine in terms of time, speed and intensity to make it more interesting
2.       Set realistic workout goals based upon your strengths and capabilities
3.       Mix it up by skipping old and adding new exercises to your workout to make it challenging.

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